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Step 1: Scrub

Eclat Lumière

($49/ 75ml)

The jojoba micro beads help gently and safely scrub. It does not dry your skin off but gently removes dead skin and impurities, preparing your skin to be moisturized with Eau Nettoyante tonic water.l

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Step 2: Tonic

Eau Nettoyante


The rose water and essential oils create a moisturizing tonic water. Its gentle scent helps you relax and feel refresh. You can try it together with Eclat Lumière scrub thanks to the Fresh Skin Start Set for a special price.

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Step 3: Serum

Serum Lumière


The high concentration of essential oils leaves your skin nourished, moisturized *, protected and soothed.
Warm serum in the hollow of your hand and apply directly to the face and neck. After 2 weeks you skin will feel toned and radiant.
Add day or night cream to improve anti-aging results.

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You can also try our Fresh Skin Starter Kit

Get a head start with a fresh skin with our jojoba microbeads scrub and organic rose water tonic! A unique chance to try our steps 1 and 2

 Fresh Skin Start Set


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