Our Philosophy

Our philosophy


True and Beautiful


So'Senz is a symphony of simple products made from extracts of trees, plants and flowers. Rich in active principles, our range owes its efficiency to the subtle alchemy between Nature and Science, for your well-being and the beauty of your skin whatever its colour. Manufactured in France, our fully organic and natural cosmetic skin cares suit everyone.

Thanks to their refined texture, combined with the very high moisturizing power of the hyaluronic acid, your skin will get its tonicity, radiance and luminosity back while being protected against the outside aggressions.

 The fruit of a passion for Nature, our skin care are certified Ecocert; they are highly concentrated in active principles and their scents are derived from natural molecules.

SO’SENZ chose “Natural for All” as marketing concept, because Nature offers its benefits to those who love and protect it.

So’Senz is the guaranty of a well-moisturised and healthy skin.

« With So’Senz, your skin is at last gently touched with the wellness of Nature »

At So’Senz, the presence of the scents and active principles is without any ambiguity. They really are molecules extracted from plants, trees and flowers and not synthetic substances.

It is our way of thanking Nature for what it has to offer. It is a gift we wish to share with Every human being with no distinction of skin colour.