Thank you for your review @jauzchen ! Enjoy the read and the tips

Thank you for your review @jauzchen ! Enjoy the read and the tips

Been using series for awhile, love how it keeps my skin hydrated through the day & night. Most importantly their products are cruelty free and made with natural antioxidants active ingredient from France.

My favourite is Eclat Lumiere - exfoliating scrub among all. Love how it leaves my skin clean & fresh after using it. ❤️


Serum Lumiére helps to even out my skin tone and gives my skin an extra shine. Made of high concentration of essential oil so there's a woody scent to it.

Lumiére de Jour, is a anti-aging day cream. It helps in firming my skin, protects and prevents fine lines and wrinkles 😉 I like how light & non-oily it sits in my skin yet keeping my skin hydrated and moisturized at the same time.

Lumiére de Nuit is an anti-aging night cream, it works the same as Lumiére de Jour but it feels richer and slightly thicker yet it melts lightly into my skin keeping my skin hydrated through the night and waking up to a luminous effect the next day.

All these products are free from parabens with no synthetic fragrance. ❤️ it took me awhile to get use to these original scents 😊

Thank you for letting me have my hands on these 🥰